Post Thumbnail of Woman fined for false rape report

A WOMAN in Motril (Granada) was fined €540 for making a false report after claiming she was raped by two men.
In May 2009, after finding she was pregnant, she went to a local court and claimed she had been raped in February that year.
She later admitted that it was a …

18 May 2012  Costa Del Sol
Post Thumbnail of Protestors arrested as Puerta del Sol cleared by police

AT least 20 people were arrested at the weekend as police cleared protestors from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, police said.
The protestors are part of the collective known as the Indignados who where marking the 1 year anniversary of the 15-M movement.

18 May 2012  Featured,Spain
Post Thumbnail of Stolen wire recovered

GUARDIA CIVIL and Local Police in Gador arrested four people charged with stealing copper wire at a local sports centre.
Part of the 1,200 metres of cable they had taken was recovered in the operation.

18 May 2012  Costa De Almeria,Featured
Post Thumbnail of Crimestoppers No hiding place: 49 down, 16 to go

SIXTEEN of Britain’s most wanted criminals are thought to be on the run of Spain.
In the five and a half years since Operacion Captura was launched by UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers 49 out of 65 wanted killers, sex offenders and robbers have been arrested, with many now behind bars.
The …

18 May 2012  Featured,Features,Spain
Post Thumbnail of Marihuana plantation defender arrested

ONE of the promoters of a marihuana plantation in Rasquera, Tarragona, has been arrested for drug trafficking.
The farming village hit the news recently after announcing plans to pay its €1.3 million municipal debt by leasing muncipal land for marihuana cultivation.
The council voted to offer the land to a Barcelona-based marijuana-users’ …

30 March 2012  Spain
Post Thumbnail of Police suspected of attacking illegal immigrant

A COURT is investigating how a Moroccan immigrant was left wheelchair-bound after being held in police custody.
The 30-year-old was arrested in Guadalajara, central Spain, where he was residing illegally despite a deportation order pending against him since May last year.
He was taken to the police station and sustained severe injuries …

30 March 2012  Spain

Post Thumbnail of

NATIONAL POLICE seized 3,000 Ecstasy tablets which were destined for sale at raves in Granada discos.
The investigation began in October 2011 after the tablets were detected being sold by small-scale dealers.
The police found they were imported from Holland by a man who is believed to be amongst several people who …

24 February 2012  Spain
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